Masquerade (2014)

Since 7th of March 2014 available in all online stores.

An manchen Stellen erinnert es an Queensyrche oder auch Dream Theater. Es ist ein klasse Rock-Metall-Progalbum. Mit einem sehr guten Sänger und hervorragenden Musikern. Man sollte es im Regal stehen haben. 8.5/10


Kirk are a very great sounding melodic and progressive power metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Devil's Claw" "Eternity" "The End Of The Universe" and "Fallen Angel". 8 out of 10.

Rauch's voice is the perfect blend of Geoff Tate (from 25 years ago) and ex Kamelot singer Roy Khan (yes, he's that good) and contains another chorus, this one gothic tinged, that completely grabs you by the short and curlies! 8/10


Un album che si lascia ascoltare davvero bene, non stancando mai il tutto farcito da melodie davvero belle e seppur non innovative, suonate da persone che ci credono fino in fondo, alla loro musica; bravi davvero abbiamo dovuto attendere a lungo ma credo proprio ne sia valsa la pena. Pollice in su! 4/5


If you like intense melodic metal combined with progressive roots stylings but all done with style and superior musicianship, don't miss "Masquerade". It's really, really good.


11 tracks of powerful, hard rocking material. Strong vocals and playing throughout. Rampant rabbit, double kick drums abound.


Masquerade" ist mit Sicherheit eines der Melodic-Metal Highlights in diesem Frühling. Antesten! 8/10


Wie aus dem Nichts tauchen KIRK auf und liefern mal eben eins der vielversprechendsten Melodic Prog Metal Alben ab, das das Jahr 2014 hervorbringen dürfte. Hinter dem fast unscheinbaren Coverartwork verbirgt sich ein absoluter Geheimtipp! 14/15


I think if you’re inclined towards the more melodic strands of heavy metal, you know, to the point of acts like Queensrÿche, Dokken or Fifth Angel, or more recently At Vance (sans the neo-classical pompadour), then Kirk should no doubt appeal to you. 7/10


Review: Masquerade (Kirk) @ Via Nocturna (PT) 5.2/6.0